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I am a 28 year old male who recently quit a very heavy 2 year marijuana habit. Ive always smoked dope but the past 2 years since I quit drinking (I am also a sober alcoholic) I smoked dope like no tomorrow.

The first week I quit I felt good. But this second and third week have been hell. It started last week when I started getting "air hunger" and felt like I couldnt breathe all the time. This escalated into full blown panic attacks which landed me in 2 ER's in 2 days. They both said anxiety and one doc gave me a small script for ativan.

This is the longest I have EVER gone without some sort of substance in my body whether it be weed, booze, cigs, caffiene, etc (all of which I have now quit) since I was about 13 years old.

These ativans really help me to get over this anxiety and Im pretty sure that I will be ok in a few weeks once my body readjusts. When I quit booze I had similar anxiety but it went away in several days and didnt hang around this long. I also had a bad inhalant "trip" from huffing gasoline when I was 14 that gave me PTSS for about 2 years but I eventually got over it.

I plan on going to my regular doc and asking for a month or 2 script of these ativans to help me since they are working so good but I dont want to get hooked. I have been taking 2mg a day but today I only hope to take 1mg at night when the anxiety gets really bad because I know it will.

My dad takes 5mg of xanax a day and has been for the past 20 years and is severly hooked. My question is if I were to use ativan for say a month or a little more would I be facing serious withdrawls/addiction? I have been taking 1-2mg a day for about 4 days now and I havnet had any today and I dont know if its the anxiety coming back or if my body is craving ativan. all I know is that when I take one I can cope a LOT better with all this. When I take the medicaiton I am acutally able to sit down and focus on something for more than a minute or two. Also when I take the pill I dont obsess over my breathing as much which I feel like is turning into OCD.......

Like I said I fell so-so right now and want to avoid taking it but Im pretty sure Ill need it at least at night for several more weeks (HOPEFULLY much less) will I be a pill freak in a few weeks of use? I have researched this but get confilcting answers. Mabye someone on here with expiereince wiht the medication can give me some advice.
its rare for anxiety sufferers to become addicted to ativan, but even if you do, it would do less harm to you than your previous drugs
your plan sounds safe to me and should help a lot

many people take your dads xanax dose without any harm apparent, I doubt he is hooked as the dose would keep going up if he were