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same thing happened to me at the county hospital. They don't care. Period.

BusPar doesn't work. I haven't heard of one person who said it helped them. Didn't do a damn thing for me either.

I am about to go the PCP now that I have insurance and try to get Xanax... lets see, 23, male. no chance. how stupid. But if you stub your toe, they'll throw all kinds of SSRI's down your throat.
ativan is a valium type med, at one time buspar was advertised to docs as the non addictive althernative to valium type meds, perhaps this is happening again :confused:

buspar is a tranquilliser of a different type that must be taken daily and is of no help for panic attacks, its expensive and seldom helps much or at all and generally has a poor reputation, its high price may give a short placebo effect :eek:

when attempting to get a benzo, it may help to remind doc that anxiety sufferers are usually too sensible to become addicted to these meds, also that you will have a difficult time functioning without them
maybe mention that you want to start a CBT relaxation course or program but will be too anxious or panicky without benzos
dont ask for xanax as this is popular with hard drug addicts who have run out of their drugs, ask doc to chose which benzo for you, this makes him feel important
older docs seem generally less anti benzo

hint, benzo sleeping pills work well during the day in small doses without making you sleepy

finally I know of 2 psychiatrists who specialise in severe anxiety and panic attacks, both prefer valium to all other meds