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Thank you for all your replies, I know that I am not alone in this but it still sucks. I actually have an appt with a psychologist in 2 weeks. I have been having a really bad week with this anxiety and I need to do something about it. My dr. prescibed me some Xanax and Lexapro. I am going to try the Xanax once in a while when I really need it and start the Lexapro eventually too. I would rather take 1 drug for my depression and anxiety than 2 different drugs.
It's terrible bc it consumes my life...like I said this week has been bad and I've been unable to work or sleep well. When I do get up in the morning I feel like I am in a nightmare, having to deal with a new day of worrying about being sick or having some illness...
Wow, there are alot of other people out there like me. I have always worried about my health. Sometimes I go a while without worrying too much but over all I worry all the time. My dad died less than 2 years ago from a sudden heart attack (at age 49) and I worry more than ever now. Right now I worry that I will get cancer. I was just talking to my sister about this like an hour ago. Its like I am obsessed with thinking I will get some fatal disease and suffer and die. I think I need help. I had blood work done like a month ago. Everything came back fine. My blood cell counts were great. I try to tell myself that if I had some sort of infection or cancer, wouldnt my blood cell counts be high? That makes me feel a little better but it doesnt help overall! I find that if I know I am OK in one aspect then I automatically find something else to worry about. Like last summer I went and got an HIV test. Convinced I would die from HIV. My results were negative. Well now that I dont have to worry about that I worry that I have colon cancer or something is wrong with my heart. I have major anxiety attacks. Last night they were horrible. I thought I was going to pass out I was so scared. MY dr gave me .25mg of Xanax but I am afraid to take them. Last night I wanted one so bad but I was afraid to take one because I am afraid it will slow down my heartbeat and I wont wake up :yawn: I could go on and on. Its ridiculous. I need help. Im serious.