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Could be, the problem with anxiety is it is so broad, and can be caused by so many things. The best thing to do is try to rule things out one by one. Takes a lot of patience, but its the only way to know whats making you feel that way. As for your allergies, you said you had an appt with a dr to fix that...hopefully they will find something that will work so you can sleep, cause that is def. a problem. As far as anti-depressants like Paxil - I would ask your doctor about getting a prescription of some kind of benzo like Xanax to help you sleep for a while and for extreme anxiety - just to take as needed. i have never slept better since I started taking Xanax. It will probably make you a little drowsy, but its weird, it kinda helps me focus and be more motivated sometimes too. Probably because I am not so preocupied with anxiety! Easier said than done, but intense exercise is wonderful too, or even just getting outside and getting fresh air, riding bkes etc can make you feel better and help you sleep.