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thanks hry33.

I took four Xanax last year over two days and at the time it did help me at least to get good sleep. I felt better afterward with no side effects. I don't think it's my pride that is keeping me from the meds really, they simply frighten me. I think that after taking a med like lexapro (which I was prescribed) I might need it forevermore.

The trial and error aspect of taking meds to prove the existance of a axiety disorder (however likely) is also tough to accept. Anyhow if this continues or worsens it may indeed come to that. It's getting to the point where it's hard to function during these episodes. Thanks for the advise. I'll check the flight or fight response tip.

I think I remember you mentioning that you are past your anxiety issues now. Were you ever on medication and if so, how was it coming off of it?