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Ive been doing the overbreathing thing for weeks now too. 3 ER visits to 3 hospitals and all say anxiety. It seems weird to be jealous of people that breathe and dont think about it all the time!!!!!

Ive gotten to the point where I know Im not going to pass out or die and If I dont get a deep breath, I just try to stay cool and breathe normally.

Overbreathing causes you to feel like you acutally cant breathe and its just a vicious cycle.

Mine seems to be getting better to where I only feel breathless for a few hours a day compared to 24/7 a few weeks ago.

Xanax and ativan help with the anxiety big time but dont use it for more than a few weeks on a daily basis. Ive been using ativan that the ER docs prescribed for a few weeks now in low does but I know that If I dont let up then Ill soon be hooked like my dad and I dont wanna do that. Im almost out anyway.

Take a milligram of xanax or ativan and see if the breathlessness goes away. I quarantee it does. If it dosent I (although I am not doctor) would assume its something else.

If you dont have any ativan or xanax laying around go to the ER and say you dont have insurance. They will shove one down your throat wait till youre worry free and kick you out the door. Works everytime. But if you have insurance of course they will do every test under the sun for you do get the green. No insurance = benzos. Insurance = "help".

Good luck dude. NOW BREATHE!!!!! I mean dont breathe. I mean breathe but DONT THINK ABOUT IT!!!!