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I've been watching this board a few months now and am wondering if I am the only person that is taking Xanax XR for panxiety/panic. All the other posts I read are people taking the regular version of Xanax. Is there anyone else out there that has had success with the extended release? I'm also on a low dose of Prozac and it's been working well. I've just found it odd that I haven't heard more people discussing the XR since it's supposed to be longer lasting and less addicting? Any experiences? :confused:
Bondgrll, we've talked before.....my dr. said he would be open to me trying the xanax xr. Actually, he had prescribed effexor and wanted me to take that first to see how I did. Well, I took it for a little while and then changed over to the lexapro I already had. The lex worked great, so I haven't thought about making another dr. appt. I guess if the increased appetite from the lexapro and the sexual side effects do not improve, I will make an appointment for the xanax xr. I love regular xanax....no nasty side effects like those ads! Anyway, I was suprised to see you were weaning off of it. I thought you were happy with it. My dr. did say that it would work for me if we were only treating panic. I don't know exactly what he meant by that. I do remember him saying they were very expensive. ;)