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I have had many similar feeling recently. Driving home the other day I didn't remember the whole drive home (45 minutes) and when I tried to think about my drive, the day or the day ahead of me I got this weird doomed feeling. I couldn't think - its like someone else had taken over for a while and I heard myself screaming to wake up but I was in a fog. Eventually I was out of it and felt better. I take xanax which has helped with that feeling a lot. You should try going to the doc and getting some medicine. It sounds like you have depersonalization or derealization.
good luck and let us know how you are doing - you are not on your own.
** You also may want to check that you are not depressed. It sounds like you might be...
*** AND there is a book called from Panic to Power- she describes in the book of always being in a haze - not being able to snap out of it. She said that is the brains way of taking a break and you should enjoy that time. The brain has to take a break from anxiety and panic... good book - check it out.