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I have been going through test after test after test. At first doctors thought Perhaps it was MS, now all I get is a shoulder shrug. Two of the neuros that I am seeing thinks this could all just be anxiety so one has prescribed Xanax.

I started taking it this past weekend and am not sure if what I am experiencing is normal or not. It of course makes me tired, but it is bareable. I also feel very Blahh! I am normally a bouncy person full of energy.. not now. It seems the longer I am on the med the worse mood I get into. I feel pretty cranky for no reason. Initially I thought it was helping with my dizziness and tingling (what the doctors thought it would help) but after 1 1/2 days it is back.

Does this sound normal? Any ideas or thoughts out there?

I take the same amount twice a day. I have my good days and my bad days. It has helped my anxiety a lot and my dizziness. I would say for the first two weeks its up and down - they you will start to realize how much better you do feel. Don't get discouraged if you dont feel well ALL of the time on xanax. It does take a whil.e
You could also try the Xanax XR I am a big fan of that one...it's a time release so you could just take 1MG or 1/2MG in the morning and it will last all day. Just a thought...it's worked wonders for me.