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3 yrs ago I had my gall bladder removed.I was a marine for 8 years and thought I could handle anything.I have always been healthy,lift weights,exercise regularly.I'm 43 and was hardly ever sick.I hate taking meds,even for a headache.Anyway,after the surgery I was home recovering and started feeling very strange.Hot flashes,shaky,could'nt relax,couldn't sleep.Always had to be moving and still felt weird.After about 2 weeks of this I thought i was going nuts.Went to my "Dr."Had to go to this guy for insurance purposes!!He spent about 10 minutes with me,put me on Paxil and shoved me out the door.The Paxil made me very ill and anxious,but "Dr" was to busy.Needless to say I dumped the jerk.I found another Dr.She is very caring and has relly tried to help.I've been on every med you can think of.Paxil,Zoloft(couldn't take it),Efexor XR worked ok but too many side effects,I also used a little xanax,about .5 to 1mg as needed.After the efexor kicked in i quit the xanax no problem.After awhile on efexor I started gaining weight and blood pressure started going up so she switched me over to Bupropian.It didn't work very well alone so she had me use xanax again to help.I was on 150mg 0f Bupropian 2 times daily(6a.m. and 2p.m.)plus .5mg xanax 2 times daily also,( 6a.m. and about 8p.m)It was working ok but still didn't feel right,not my old self.I trie to cut down on the Bupropian and went into a tailspin!I went back to the same dose as before but now have to take 1mg of xanax 3 times a day and still feel crappy.I hate it! I feel like a slave to this.First of all i have no idea what started it or how to stop it.Then I found out how addictive xanax can be so now I'm scared to death of that!!My doc finally had me go see a therapist,now a month later I'm still waiting to see the nurse who supposedly will then recomend me to the Psyc.who is supposed to help regulate or figure out what med to use!!! I FEEL HELPLESS!!! Does this ever end? Three years now and I'm back at fig.1.Just looking for advice or support from someone who's been there.I've also found GOD in this process,believe me! Thanks for letting me ramble!
Hi Dave, hope your feeling a little calmer today. Hang in there and you will find what works for you. I have heard that honest anxiety sufferers do not get addicted to xanax and even if you do your doc will help you wean off when needed. Good Luck to you!!!