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I began taking xanax .25 last week (splitting the .5, one in morning one after dinner) for anxiety that has been bothering me for last six months. The first few days you could really see things that bothered me before on a day to day basis we not such a big deal, even just a couple days into it.

Then last night I kinda dosed off after dinner for about an hour and when I woke up I was basically having a panic attack, now I know that this med is for stopping this kind of stuff but could it be even just a week into this could my body be addicted to this where as even if I am two hours late taking a pill it will trigger this kind of stuff.

My initial problem didnt even include panic attacks, it was just more a steady dose of anxiety all day long before.

Also my doctor gave me this prescription for .5 three times a day but I am just nervous that I dont wanna get to deep into this stuff.

Thanks for any comments,