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As a lot of us with anxiety/panic know, it's important to start at a small dose....why not get a 10MG tablet and split it in half and start with 5mg for a week and then try to up the dose.....the side effects are a lot less likely at this point. I've been on Prozac 5 mg for four months now and not had to up the dose. I also take 1MG of the extended release Xanax and have not had to up that dose either. It's a good combo. Just my two cents.
Hi -
Thanks for the help. I wish they would prescribe xanax but no doctor around here will, they just say it's to additive. Did you get headaches on the prozac? The last two mornings I have woken up with terrible headaches. Just wondering if it's another side effect.
Thanks again. :)
Howdy, you may need to switch doctors and see a psychiatrist instead....they are more apt to prescribe medications for anxiety conditions. There's a bif stigma out there about benzos...an incredible shame. The Xanax extended release is much different from the regular one where people are popping three and four pills a day. And yes, I did get headaches with the Prozac...horrible at 20mg...but then when I started and slowly went up to 5mg,,,,no problems!
OH YEA!! Been there done that...the whole brain fog...not being there....weird anxious feelings and all that....what dose are you on? I got all those nasty side effects and more at 20 MG. You're experiencing side effects from a good med so why not start at a lower dose and work your way up? If you're prone to anxiety start at 5mg for 10 days and then try to take 10MG but split it up during the day. I know several people who had to start at 2MG of prozac and work up. Do it this way and there are ZERO side effects...a much more pleasant way. And again, I know there are some people out there who may disagree, but in the initial stages of taking an SSRI, it helps a lot of people to take a small dose of a longer lasting benzo like Klonopin or the Xanax XR. Good luck.