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I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 15 years ago and was put on .50 mg of Xanax at night to help with insomnia and 150 mg of Imipramine for depression. I have literally spent the last 15 years of my life DRAGGING myself through Monday through Friday, feeling like I'm hanging on by my fingernails just to get through the work week, only to collapse on Friday night, sleep all day on Saturday, do grocery shopping, and laundry on Sunday and start the whole process over on Monday. This is no exaggeration.

Beginning about a year ago, I noticed that I was having some memory problems - started a new job and found it really difficult to remember some procedures and things that people had told me (I would remember when prompted). Then that company went out of business and I had to start another new job last November. I had increasing problems with my memory - to the point where I wasn't even remembering some things even when prompted - it was very embarrassing and I finally quit this latest job in frustration. I also started to notice a tremor in my hands about 6 months ago. It was sporadic but is now constant, I have to grip the steering wheel when I'm driving to keep my hands from trembling and my handwriting is now a scrawl. I feel I have no control over the pen when writing.

I have been to a neurologist and had an MRI (normal), and an EEG (normal). I had all day neuropsycological testing last Friday and am awaiting the results of all of those tests (and had to spend last Saturday sleeping all day - I was exhausted).

Finally, here's my question. I just talked to the neurologist and he says he believes the tremors are anxiety produced. Why now? After 15 years on Xanax? Is it no longer working?

I have definitely had another breakdown and am completely unable to work right now until I get to the bottom of what the problems are. Has anyone else ever developed tremors from anxiety or anxiety suppressing drugs?