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It works pretty good for me... I have better luck with valium than xanax...It will make you sleepy though.
I appreciate your posts!!! I still haven't takin it yet. I have gad. I get anxiety and panic constently! I was on lexapro for almost a year and went off and then tried to get back on it recently and I couldn't hang with the side effects. I never had effects from it before. I have also tried ativan and xanax, klonopin effexor xr and prozac. none of them worked for me. hoping the valium will help. :angel:
I guess we will see, my doc told me to take it in the morning as needed.
Hi there..just thought I would put in my two cents here. I was dx w/fibromyalgia/tmep (a blood cell disease; too many and sensitive to different triggers) Also borderline lupus (stage one) from what some nurses etc. have said too. I will be talking to my new Dr. soon regarding all of my dx's. Anyway about the klonopin you mentioned here; I was given a months RX for it. I basically wasn't sleeping well for a long while prior, also due to the lack of sleep I was only awake because of coffee and just dealing with it. Finally when I was refered to a pain management/neurologist I explained that I was starting to feel shaky at any given time, felt nervous, worried for no good reason etc.... (Also was dx w/thyroiditis) sooooooo my Dr. who I just mentioned tried me on xanax, and I basically (for me) didn't feel any different. I read about klonopin on another board; it mentioned sensory overload, and also read about klonopin helping w/bruxisim (grinding/clenching teeth) which I have both great huh???? I am not a doctor and everyone is different w/meds. but for me klonopin has given me my life back. I take between 1-3mg. sometimes once a day sometimes twice. What I was amazed with however for me it didn't make me droggy in the morning, and I was getting a deeper quality sleep. Even though it takes a strong medication to do it to me it's worth it. In fact I was able to start working out, and walking more. (the slow thyroid makes it hard to keep the weight off) but it's comming off :) I thank my Dr. for working with me and giving me a med. that works!!!! I have had people say what if you need it forever???? I say "what if I do" it's my body/mind. Also because of the better quality of sleep I no longer have daily headaches which I had for about 12 years. I still get them, but not every day. I can enjoy my hobbies, and go to my son's baseball games. I still am very sore often due to the fibro etc. My life is much better because of a Dr. who worked with me, and asked alot of questions, and listened to me. I thank him for helping me to have a better life. The synthroid for my thyroid condition has helped too; I couldn't figure out why I was so tired, and gaining alot of wieght; it just so happened when I had an mri of my upper spine it showed that my thryoid had nodules on it; which led me to a great endocrinlogist. Sorry for my "few cent's going a little further. mom in california :wave: