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Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I don't take AD continually. I have periods due to problems with my employer or my children or my wife who has to be one of the greatest kvetch's in the world and it just puts me in a down mood where I find life's enjoyments harder and harder to find. My doctor started me on Celexa but the sexual side effects were too great. She then switched me to Wellbutrin at 100 mg twice a day. I find that it make a noticeable difference. I have not had problems with Wellbutrin but I could see where others might. Our chemistry is so different that sometimes we just have to experiment until we find the right medication and dosage. I believe that there is such a thing for about 95% of us.

My wife is in denial about needing AD medication and refuses to even discuss it but she is a large part of the problem. The glass is always just about empty for her. Add the normal problems that older children give you and a demanding job schedule and you can have problems. During my last visit, my doctor also added .5 mg of Xanax to the mix which I take t.i.d. - it is too bad that wife will not admit that she has a problem and at least talk to a doctor but she is very set in her thinking and I have pretty well given up trying to change her.