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I have been suffering from anxiety for almost 27 years now. I have Generized anxiety disorder, Post tramatic stress disorder , panic attacks,as well as social anxiety. ,yeah that bouncing ball is what it's like in my head daily.
My dad, 2 sisters, 1 brother and a nephew suffer from the above as well, so I am asume genetics play a large roll. My PTSD came from sexual abuse as a child. I sometimes wonder how I make it through the day.
I am currently taking 5 mg of buspar 3 times a day and xanax as needed. The buspar is no longer working after 1 year, the xanax I take for the panic attacks that plaque me when I am stressed big time but they make me tired. Only recently over the past 2 years hane I asked to take someting on a daily basis cause I thought I could handle it. Yeah right! I have been on xanax for 23 years as needed and they make me very tired but do work.
I am very sensitive to the meds I have tried (paxil,zoloft) They make me feel like I drank a pot of coffee and a zombie at the same time, my head feels disconnected from my body on those things. I wish I could find something that worked like the xanax does but in a daily med, by that I mean it calms me downs and I can breathe. My mind goes a mile a minute otherwise.
I see my family Dr. and have not seen a Pshyciatrist yet and really dont want to but my anxiety is out of control which is why I landed here on the boards in search of answers to my ordeals as I am sure is why you are all here to.
So to all of you whom I share anxiety with I know how you feel and I hope I can join in here to try to find some comfort before I go completely insane.