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I have a generalized anxiety disorder which I take Xanax for occasionally. I am starting a new job and I have to get a drug test- so I informed my employer that I have a medical condition that requires perscription medication that will affect the drug test. I am not in therapy currently because my insurance got changed and I have not found another doctor, so the perscriptions I have are from my former doctor.
What kind of proof will my employer need to have to know that the drug showing up on my drug test is legal? Can they access my medical records? I already feel like I have had to disclose more information than I should have to, does anyone have any experience with this? or know how this type of situation is supposed to be worked out? I really need this job, so I really hope that this is a smooth process
Thanks a lot!
I think most drug tests dont look for xanax type meds
You need to be careful with this because employer drug test are not just to look for cocaine or marijuana. Besides illegal drugs, employers are trying to see the current state of your health condition. They're checking for certain medications, like anxiety to drugs or drugs for cancer, and heart conditions. If they find traces of these drugs, then they'll assume you have a medical problem that might prevent you from doing your job. I don't mean to cause you more anxiety, but you should have never had to told them you were using xanax; (unless asked)

I read an article where a UPS employee had a random drug test, and it was discovered she was taking xanax. The employer asked to see her prescription, and required her to stopped the medication before returning to work; the employee has filed a lawsuit.

I'm in a simliar boat as you; I have a anxiety condition where I could use some medication, but I have not taken anything because I was being considered for a job that requires a drug test, which I just took recently. I'm glad I did not take anything for my anxiety because this would have drew a red flag, and possibly could have prevent me from becoming employed.

I know it sucks, people need to understand that these test reveal everything in your system, which is anlayzed to determine your current state of health. If a employer feels your not in condition to perform the job, they don't have to hire you if its a pre-employment drug test. I think this is totally unfair, but good luck.
Here is the article and link to the UPS story. Please read and beware!

Worker Alleges UPS Discrimination in Suit

UPDATED - Friday August 13, 2004 10:04am from our sister station WJLA-TV

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PITTSBURGH (AP) - United Parcel Service Inc. discriminates against workers who take some prescription drugs and wrongly fired a woman who suffered from anxiety and depression, the woman and an advocacy group said in a lawsuit.

Darlene E. Veltri, a 17-year UPS employee, said she was fired in January 2003 after a company drug test discovered the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in her system. She was prescribed the medicine by her doctor, she said in the federal lawsuit filed in Pittsburgh.

The UPS Employee Assistance Program made Veltri disclose her prescription medication and stop taking Xanax - against the advice of her physician - as a condition for returning to work, the lawsuit states. Veltri claims that created a hostile work environment and amounted to harassment based on her disability.

The suit seeks to represent various groups of employees in a class-action: those in an Employee Assistance Program who had to disclose what prescription medicines they take; workers made to supply urine samples that were tested for legal prescription drugs; workers the company prohibited from using physician-prescribed medicines; workers fired for using those prescriptions; and workers subjected to a hostile work environment for using prescribed medicines.

UPS has 350,000 employees, 260,000 in nonsafety-sensitive jobs, the suit states. Veltri worked as a package sorter at a UPS facility in New Stanton when she was fired.