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Codeine is a narcotic (think of heroin which is a narcotic) and will show up as so on a blood test. It also depends what kind of sleeping pill, for example, if you take ativan or xanax for sleep it will show as a benzodiazipine but if it is over the counter it shouldn't. Note, also medications containing Pseudoephedrine can also cause a positive drug test (similar to that of a meth. user). AND PLEASE DON'T MIX WHAT YOU ARE MIXING, IT COULD PROVE DEADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS: I do believe the cough syrup stays in your system for 48-72 hrs.
feelbad, the 72 hour rule, for what she is doing, can be applied. But you are right about other substaces (ex.valium, xanax, marrijuana) can stay in your system longer. But the chemical breakdown of what she is taking does not stay in the system longer. Ask a pharmacist and they will tell you. I know :). But I definately DON'T think she should fool around with this stuff. She said she's been doing it for 7 years and she would be ok because nothing has happned yet., her heart would beg to differ. This stuff damages the HEART BIGTIME! And the damage might not be apparent now (she is still young) but it will be eventually. And BTW, no one plans on an overdose....REVERSE toleance squishy. Just take what people are saying to HEART...PLEASE!!!!