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Lately I've been having some bad problems with sleep due to anxiety, the moment I wake up I think im dying or that my heart is too fast and I get the feeling that im about to lose consciousness, is that normal with anxiety? because I just cant control it unless I get out of bed and talk to someone, which is why I cant get enough sleep usually. Its really worrying me especialy how I have that feeling that im about to lose consciousness, it just wont go away...Does anyone have anything similar to this? and if yeah how to you cope.

By the way im on xanax but I never take it before sleep since I get headaches when I wake up because of it. :o
everything you mention can be caused by anxiety, do you snore heavily when asleep, if so you may have sleep apnea, docs often miss it

people dont pass out from anxiety but it often feels as if they will, just relax and breathe deep and slow

I think the headaches would more likely be from anxiety than xanax