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I'm concluding that I'm a total nutcase. It is Not Normal to have moderate anxiety just because you're going to pick up the DOG at the groomer's. Oh, please; this is insane. :confused: I guess, like a true psychotic, I'll have to wait until I'm "comfortable" with this new groomer ; even Then it may not stop now that it's happened 3 times :confused: Like, it's (the anxiety) is getting "established" so it's Real Happy it can keep hitting me in the car.
Imagine: I'm considering 1mg of xanax before I pick him up next time. Now if that isn't an embarrassment I don't know what is. This "runs in families" I'm hearing. Well, far as I know my parents didn't have it; but my SISTER did.
Heck; I didn't think I was That crazy about this dog. I didn't even Want a dog. It's my husband's dog (you know how that goes?)