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OK.....have had anxiety disorder for about 3 years now, i am 19. well i just found out it was anxiety about 3 months ago. Prior to 3 months ago i was told i has acid reflux which i never really had....but went on thinking that i did up until 3 months ago. I am taking xanax on an as needed basis. I've only taken three times since it has be prescribed to me. I only can take it when i have a full blown panic attack, but i am anxious all the time. I worry about everything. I think I have some kind of disease that the doctors missed. I've had blood tests urine tests tons of EKGs and a heart ultra sound and upper GI but I still think they missed something. Well now I have this feeling of fullness in my ears and surrounding area and sometimes my jaw is sore sometimes if i listen closer it sounds like its clicking but not that loud. i went to the doctor and i didnt have any kind of ear infection they said and that was like 2 months ago.....now i have that feeling back. Some people tell me it could be TMJ or bruxism b/c of clenching my teeth. And I might do that without realizing it and I caught myself yesterday doing it. And i am really worried about this can any of you guys help???........thank you