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I have been focusing on a way to accurately describe how I feel each day for a number of months but because anxiety symptoms can be so vague and weird, this has'nt been an easy task. Now, I think I have finally done it so here it is.

Each morning I wake up I feel 1/2 decent but within about an hour, I can begin to feel the anxiety trickling up from deep within. Then I get really depressed and frustrated because I hate feeling bad every day. The absolute worst symptom is just feeling hungover and "wasted" all day. It's like I drank a 6-pack the previous night and yet I don't even drink.

Another thing is my eyes. I get a lot of blurry, distorted, focusing problems. Of course, I took Xanax regularly for awhile, then Ativan and started taking Oxazepam about a month ago and have taken one every night for a month now.

So to summarize, I feel anxious, hungover and generally, just feel like crap all the time and it's starting to really get old. I sleep with a pet goose every night, I sit at the computer most of the day, I have allergies, I've started taking Buspar in the last few days, etc. Not much more "background" I can give.

I also had a nerve block in my armpit and ever since, I've had this sore knot on the left side of my collar bone and when I push on it, I get pain radiating down my left arm (where I had the surgery).

My head/mind feels like it's full of jello, dull, anesthetized, soupy, I do scatterbrained things that scare me sometimes, etc.

Does this sound like anxiety...the meds...the crappy state of things in the country/world today...or something else?. Help please )-:

EDIT: I also feel like I have to pretend that everything is all rosy because nobody likes a whiner. My poor friend tries so hard to cheer me up by making nice meals, helping me get things done, telling jokes, etc and yet all I do is drag him down complaining about my problems all day/every day. He does'nt deserve that at all. Gosh, I feel like I'm being tortured for my sins a long time ago and I just wish it could all end because this is not living...it's not even existing.
I know how you feel. Its like having a hangover everyday and I have not drank anything. Have you tried any of the ssri's like paxil,zoloft, or an ssnri like effexor. Effexor deals with seritonin and I think it deals with the other chemical in the brain that begins with an n. I cant remember but if you look it up on the internet it will tell you. You say that you have taken xanax and ativan before, I can tell you that benzo's will make you have that droggy feeling. SSRI' and SSNRI's have the potential to make you kind of tired but with my expiriences in the past with ssri's, they stimulated me. I have posted on my expiriences before so im not going to type a whole page on it. If you have not tried an ssri before, you should give it a try. At one time effexor worked great for me but since I had to go off of it when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, for some reason when I tried to start taking it again I had a bad expirience. but that does not mean that you will. Not that this matters but have you ever had mono (epstien bar virus). the reason I ask is because alot of people who are dealing with anxiety have had mono (ebv).