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I'm here!!

Well I made it through the day. Yesterday evening and last night were rough. I tried to go to sleep around 12 but found myself tossing and turning all night, so i really didnt get any quality sleep. Too much anxiety, couldnt relax enough to close my eyes and pass out.

Got up this morning and went right to the place, they did all the tests. There was one where they blow warm and cool air in each ear and see how your eyes react...she had to do it over, because the results were hard for her to figure out. She said she would need to go over it before she would know what was up. So maybe its something, maybe its not. I dont know what to think. GUess ill find out next week.

As soon as i left the place i popped a xanax, and just took my next one, so hopefully after a few days ill be better. Right now my eyes are really tired from not getting enough sleep. Hopefully tonight ill actually be able to pass out since im getting calmer....

thats about it here. Hoping the worse is over....praying... :yawn:
Yo Adam! Glad you touched base and found us here. Bell and I have been waiting to hear your results. I am glad that is over, and I bet now that you can take your Xanax, you will get a great night's sleep tonight. :yawn: Taking your Zoloft again will help too. I know it's like starting from square one again, but one thing for certain - you're on the road now, and I really think this time next week - you will be feeling really good :bouncing: