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I am new to anxiety, never really had it before. Since January health wise it has been one thing after another. Surgery, Sinus Infection, GI bug that almost put me in the hospital, sinus infection that hadn't gone away and now on my 4th antibiotic for the sinus infection. I am a single mom and I have never been sick and now I have been not myself or months. The anxiety started, felt like I was losing my mind, couldn't pull it together, crying, etc. Doctor just put me on .25 of Xanax. He said alot of people who have never been sick and then get sick start getting anxiety. My question is will this ever go away and should I be concerned about taking Xanax. I was prescribed .25 every 6 hours. My pharmacist said for the next 24 hours to take it as prescribed and then start to spread the hours out in between doses. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated since this is all new to me.

welcome sheltrpn
I agree with the pharmacist about the xanax, its helpful but after a while, take it only as needed, carry a few tablets with you when out as it acts quickly if needed, disolved under the tongue is fastest

I washed out my sinuses with a nettipot, like a teapot, water goes in thru 1 nostril, thru the sinuses and out thry the op\ther nostril, details on the net, I think