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I feel so much better when I get on this board, because I feel like I'm not alone....and you aren't either. My anxiety symptoms seem to go through phases, and the latest one is my conviction that I have a heart problem.
It started about a week ago. I was sitting on the couch and BOOM, chest pains. I get them once or twice a day. Usually it is just a twinge, but sometimes my left arm and hand will feel funny. If I can distract myself or if I take 12mg of xanax, I start to feel better. The main problem is that I have been avoiding cardio exercise (one of the best things for reducing my anxiety) for fear of damaging my heart. I am planning to get some tests done next week, just to reassure myself that everything is normal. Last year I had and EKG done for the same reason and it really helped.
Good luck to you, and know that there are tons of people out there experiencing the same problems.
I had anxiety attacks for about 2 years too and was SURE it had to be something else.I had every test on earth ran on me and all were normal.. For the longest time I believed the doctors had to be missing something.. About 5 months ago I started having panic attacks which are way worse than anxiety attacks (although anxiety sucks too).. So, I went back to doctors yet again and gave in... I tried a couple SSRI's and found one that seemed to work well for me. I started zoloft 12.5mg on 5/20/05... 1st week kinda weird as my body adjusted because i'm sensitive to EVERYTHING my body feels now. 2nd week not having panic attacks but still a little anxiety... I just started 25mg last night and for the last couple of days each day that goes by I'm starting to feel normal again... Like myself.. Not having as much fear of panic attacks too which is odd for me as I'm scared to death of it (as specially when driving) but I drove my car for a short distance almost every day now since last week. Today, I felt & still feel amazing. I'm happy. My family is here visiting and I've been right in there with everyone... It's so crazy that all this time I've felt terrible for SOOO long and the last 2 days have been great! I almost feel like I did before I ever had anxiety or panic. Sure, I still have my worries but they seem to be getting less & less each day that goes by. If my doctor were here right now I'd hug him!!!!!!!!!
You sound a lot like me when I started with this 2+ years ago... If all your tests are normal then give the anti depressants a try (if you want). I can't tell you how happy I am that I did and it's just been 15 days on the meds now! One med might work for someone and not work for others so, you might have to try a few before you find the right one for you but when you do let me tell ya!! It's GREAT! The first time I went to the ER a couple years ago with this the doctor wrote me a prescription for an SSRI and I never got it filled!! I thought HE was crazy or something! so, I tossed it into the trash... Little did I know that I could have prevented all this suffering when it STARTED and saved myself from these last 2+ yrs of being scared to death thinking I was going to die. Due to my panic attacks, I am unemployed, hardly ever got out (big time if it involved driving), lost all my local friends (thank God I have some real friends from my home town) & have sat here in this house scared to do anything for fear!! All I've thought about this past couple of days is getting out of the house! I took my mom to a garage sale today (which is a miracle!) Next, I'm going to visit my friends back home & LIVE!! CUT LOOSE!! Have a blast!!! It's ben soooooo long since I've had some fun.. Heck it's been sooo long since I've really been out of the house! I just need a little more time to become more sure of myself but every day I'm doing more & more to over come this. I honestly feel that I have zoloft and all of the people here on the boards who posted about breathing & relaxation techniques to THANK! THANK YOU ALL!!! :wave:
I'm 98% sure I'm on my way to recovery & I'm working on kicking the other 2% butt!!! I haven't had a xanax for a few days either (I used to take 2.5mg when panic came on) but not anymore.
I'm 30 now by the way. Give the meds a shot... If they work for you then you'll be SO glad you did.. I am! :)
Good luck and have a speedy recovery!
Take care,
[QUOTE=Yog-Sothoth]Oh, gosh, I'm the same way. I'm 20 years old and since I was fifteen or sixteen, I've had panic attacks born from fear of heart attacks and dying. It's even bothering me right now (I was up all night tonight worrying and now I've gotta stay awake to help regain a proper sleep schedule). Usually I get a shortness of breath and pains in my chest and left arm or left elbow. It's really freaking me out, too. It helps knowing that other people experience this and they're ok, but then you always get that "What if," like "What if I'M not ok? What if I'M not imagining it?" Blech.

Oh, by the way, I'm glad things are going really well for you, too, t_panic. =D
Thank you! :)
That "what if" thinking will consume you & I know it's hard to get rid of but you can do it. Are you on any meds for your panic? A combo of meds & relaxation & breathing techniques has worked so well for me it's amazing!
Today, I decided to drive myself downtown again & didn't have any anxiety or panic AT ALL! It did cross my mind the whole what if thoughts but they were short.. I'd catch myself singing along with my music playing & enjoying the drive.. That's when i'd put myself into the panic check (am I feeling any numbness in my arms, is my heart beating normal, etc.. which usually leads me into a panic attack) but, everything was fine for once and the thoughts passed. I went shopping & bought some fabric for my mom, went to eat & drove home just fine. It was so great! I can't imagine how great I'm going to feel at the 4 to 6 weeks mark on these meds! Do you know the correct breathing technique? If not then let me know & I'll post it here tomorrow so, you can practice it. I had to try it a few times while not having panic attack to get it right but when I used it during panic attacks they went away in less than 30 seconds each time getting shorter and shorter! If you're not on a med such as an SSRI then from my personal experience with it, I highly recommend it. Not trying to push meds on anyone here.. This is just my personal experience with it. I tried to over come this for 2 years without antidepressants & just couldn't do it.. even with xanax... it was still there waiting for me when the xanax wore off & that made my fears grow more & more.. Now, on an SSRI less than 3 weeks & already doing things I couln't do before, like DRIVE.. At one point I was scared to walk away too far from the house for fear of passing out and no one finding me for days... But that's all over now. I decided today that I'm going to look for a job too & try to make some local friends again... Tomorrow, I'm off to get my hair done.. I'm getting to where I can't wait to get out of the house and LIVE! It's so crazy to me but great at the same time that I feel this way now. If I can do it then any of you can do it... Just be proactive in recovering from this. See your doctor and get the right meds for you & learn the breathing & relaxation techniques. Practice those techniques till you get them right so, you'll be prepared when panic comes on. Don't fight panic... let it in.. & then face it with all you've learned & practiced untill you get to where you can slow it down & make it go away faster. A cold wet wash cloth on the back of my neck & on my face & ice water helps me cool down when I get too hot with it.. I blow my nose to get my air ways all cleared out when I feel it coming too so, a clogged nose getting in the way of breathing is one less thing to deal with. Combine all these things and keep trying.. pretty soon you'll be kickin panics butt too! I've been eating a "balanced" diet since I started my meds too which I'm sure is also, helping. Getting my veggies, fruits, whole grains, lean protiens, dairy, etc.. Only having candy, cake & sodas once in a while. I've been drinking at least 34oz of water per day which is less than I should but more than I did before. The skin on my shins used to be all dried & flakey but it's even starting to get smoother (probably from the water)! I now walk at least 30 minutes with my dog 3 to 5 times per week too. All these small adjustments to your life can and do help a lot more than you would imagine. You just gotta stick with it and before you know it you'll start seeing & feeling results. If you ever feel like giving up just come to the boards... vent, read & try to find something to inspire you to keep you going.
Good luck to all!