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I am a female, 32yrs old. I have had anxiety for 12 yrs. I am single and I live alone. I take Xanax as needed.
My parents are divorced and my Dad raised me since I was 4yrs old. Last year my Dad moved across the state about 3 hours away.. I know I'm a grown up .. but when he moved, I felt as if I had no home base, nowhere to go for holidays, birthdays or if I need comfort and support, which is very unsettling for someone with anxiety..I haven't been to his new house. I am way too afraid to drive the distance. Well now he's getting married (for the 6th time) this Sunday !! And he basically has said that I AM going and he and all my relatives are expecting me.. Now my Dad has been through this anxiety with me for years, he knows how bad it can get and that I haven't driven more than 1/2 hour from my apt. in about 5yrs. But he is insisting on me going there. He hasn't even asked me if I am going, he's telling me I am. I wanna tell him to shove it! After I've been through 5 weddings you'd think I'd served my time ;) I'm not a little girl anymore. Why should I HAVE to go?? I mean it's not the first one he's had nor will it be his last.. I am terrified!! Not only do I have to drive on the interstate to somewhere I've never been, but alone also!!! And I have to spend the night in a hotel and go to the wedding the next day?!?!? I feel like I will die on the way there, I can't even see how I could make it there, let alone go to a dinner with 30 relatives, stay at a hotel AND go to a wedding the next day, of course drive back the same day too... I'm SO scared.. I'm afraid if I don't go, he'll be really pissed at me. :confused: What should I do?
realisticly, I think that in order to do what your dad wants, you would need so much xanax that your driving would be dangerous , also you would be exhausted on the way back
if you go, get there some other way and rely on extra xanax
I have the same problem you do with driving except driving brings on panic attacks for me instead of anxiety... I recently got on meds (zoloft 12.5mg) for PAD (panic anxiety disorder) about 2 weeks ago now. I read a lot here on the boards about how others deal with panic, etc.. I decided to drive up the road with my mom just to see what happened and here it came, panic! I turned around and was headed home but stopped 1/2 there & remembered what I read here on the boards about "breathing techniques" so, I stopped the car and tried it.. Kind of hard to get it right when you're in the middle of an attack like that but I did it... I turned around and went back to the store, got what I needed and went home just fine.. Let me tell you, it was VERY hard for me but I did it which I've never done before.. In the past I'd freak out, pull over, call my brother or ANYONE that would come and get me & bring me home or to the ER or Dr'd office... I want to be able to drive to see my friends SO bad (they live 5 hours away though!!!) & I just don't know if I can make a drive that long just yet or not. I know the fear you must be going through right now... Just thinking of a long trip like that scares me... BUT, I can say that since I've learned the breathing technique that I have made """2""" panic attacks go away within less than 30 seconds or so which is AMAZING for me to have done. Now, I just gotta get it down when driving better so, I know I CAN get past it without having to run home. The last thing I want is a panic attack but I guess it's the only way I'm going to learn how better to get control over myself & make it go away faster... Except for the few times recently, I've had to rely on xanax to get me through a long drive. (by the way, anything more than a mile seems like a long drive to me! :rolleyes: ) I'm with you on this though.. I want so badly to be ABLE to drive where and when I want!!! With out all the fear & anxiety it causes me.. Wish I could afford a full time driver!! That's never going to be likely though so, I gotta face my fears like so many other people with this disorder have done. One thing I do know is that anxiety & panic will NOT kill or hurt you. It will play mind games with you which is where we have to try and find new ways to get past it and go on with our life... Don't beat yourself up over this trip your Dad is asking you to take.. Is there anyone else that you know who might go with you? If not, is there an airport near you & your dad that you could take? If so, get a ticket and fly.. once you get there, get a cab to your hotel. If you stay near the airport the cab cost wont be too much and then maybe you could have some of your family pick you up from the hotel to get to the wedding. Mean while, xanax to help relax you & get you through it.
Who knows, maybe you'll have a good time & feel better to have made it through such a big day. :)
I'm a 30 y/o female by the way so, we're near in age... My anxiety started about 2 years ago & 5 months ago turned into panic. I never got treatment for it till recently though which is crazy of me not have done sooner.. I just thought it would go away but over time I got it stuck in my head.. The "what if" thinking which caused (anticipatory -spelling?) anxiety.. My main thing is fear of driving....
What ever you decide to do just remember it's YOUR choice... If you're ready to face a trip like that then go for it! If not then don't feel bad over it... It's your life and I believe only people who have had anxiety or panic attacks truly know how hard it is for us to do simple things... Are you on any antidepressants for your anxiety? If not then maybe you can try it out.. It's been 2 weeks for me & I'm already glad I did. I'm getting to where I want to go out more, visit family & friends, etc.. just gotta get passed this driving hump! I almost wish I had a friend near by that's going through this too (not that I wish this on anyone) but it would be nice to have someone who can truly relate to hang out with and try over coming it together..
Good luck in whatever you decide to go with....
If you need to talk, we'll be here :wave:
Take care,
Jodi~you made the right decision NOT to go in my opinion. You are very nervous about driving and experiencing high anxiety over this situation. Driving under the "extreme" due to anxiety or taking xanax is a danger to you and others on the road as well. Dont beat yourself up. Your Dad's 5th wedding will do fine with or without you there. Offer to have your Dad and his new wife come to your home sometime this summer and offer to fix them a nice meal. This can be an intimate celebration for the 3 of you. Some occassions can be "missed" and are not mandatory and from what you describe this is one of them. People that have never had panic just dont understand it. I dont think you are being selfish at all. Making yourself sick and being a danger on the road to yourself and others is no small matter. You can work on your panic a little at a time~it CANT be conquered in one day. Send a beautiful flower boquet and offer to see them soon. I have been in your shoes and it will work out~but it takes time. If someone can drive you then try to go~otherwise just celebrate later and let go of the guilt. Best of luck RR ;)