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Thank you so much for your replies...I have just had so much trouble with my anxiety. I feel like this zoloft isnt helping, but my doctor says it takes time. I cannot get into my doctor for another few days, and so I thought some of those herbal remedies to calm and relax may help with my anxiety....since that xanax, ativan, etc. being so addicting, my doctor wouldnt even want to write a script for them, she is very cautious with those meds...I have been excercising and keeping very busy...I just am going through alot emotionally and have so much anxiety built up inside of me. I also see a counselor 3 times a week, who on the contrary, feels as if i should be taking an anti anxiety med regulary rather than the zoloft which is more for depression.......

I will make sure to check with my doctor about the drug interactions....bad thing is, around where i am from there are no doctors that specialize in homeopathic or naturopathic medicine or anything like that....

Thanks for the replies! Much appreciated! Im always checking for them!

p.s. Hope all is well with you as well!
I do agree with you, I'm no fan of the constant barrage of TV commercials on "ask your Dr if you should be taking ......." the pharmacueticals are badgering the public with how great thou art trying to get the audience to ask their Dr for whatever ails you. I see it the same way as I see the Lawyers and their "have you been hurt in an accident, any accident"? GREED plain and simple. I do think the older drugs were much safer tho the pharmacuetical Co say otherwise (cuz their trying to get you to try the more expensive "new and safer" drug, which isn't any safer and most of the time have more adverse reactions. I have multiple medical conditions including osteoporosis, MVP, 2 different blood diseases, rheumatoid arthritis to name a few, I'm lucky none have debilated me as of yet and I only take xanax at night and give my B12 injections as the only drugs, I'm a drug phobic anyway. I just find that excersise works the best for me as long as I don't overdo it. But if there comes a time and I'm sure it will that I will need to be on a drug to keep me going I will, til then I'm doing it the best way for me, constant movement. Zoloft just happens to be the drug of the millinium right now and getting all the publicity good and bad. I tend to be Herb oriented myself but I know they also have some serious adverse reactions that have been made public like conventional meds.