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so i told you guys about how i was going to the psyc due to my problems with IBS and the anxiety I've dealt with.

Talked to the therapist first for an hour... and was supposed to have to go back a week or so later to talk to the psychiatrist but i had this genious(haha) idea to ask if there were any cancellations for that day... to my pleasant surprise there was one, so i was able to get both in on the same day... lucky for me, because it was an hour and a half drive!!

Think about not just the anxiety of driving to this new place but the IBS/diarrhea that accompanies it.. So getting both out of the way was truly a blessing.

As soon as I arrived at the psych I had horrible diarrhea and started to get super anxious.. I was contemplating walking out and not even going to the first hour long meeting.

I was able to tough it out.

I was prescribed Effexor XR... Xanax.... and Ambien.... The effexor xr was prescribed because in patients with IBS anti-depressants are often used because of their constipating and/or laxative type side effects. This one is supposed to help with the diarrhea and stuff.. and also will be the base medicine for the anxiety. Xanax was prescribed to take every 4-6 hours 3 times a day at .25mg, refillable 2X before my next appt which is in a month. The ambien was prescribed at 5mg to help me sleep, refillable 2 times before my next appointment.

I was lucky enough to find a doctor who was willing to give me a benzo to take as needed.. because we all know, just having them around is often enough, often times not needing to even take the medicine.

Thought I'd let ya all know. And I'll keep charting my progress.

I'm hoping if I can conquer this anxiety thing, it will help me beat the IBS.. although they aren't directly related, it is a viscious circle.
hope all goes well
with the effexor working properly you will need less xanax

a meal of roughage sometimes calms the digestive system by giving it something to keep working on for a long time, coarse museli or breakfast cerial, for example