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Hi Fuzzymuzzy, I Am Also New To These Boards And I Dont Know If I Could Be Of Any Help But I Know Exactly How You Feel. I Have Some Similar Symptoms And Doctors Dont Know Whats Wrong With Me Either. I Feel Really Tired All The Time, I Feel Dizzy (i Dont Feel Like The Room Spinning I Just Feel Like Im Going To Pass Out, Kind Of Like When You Hold Your Breath For A Long Time, Lack Of Oxygen???)i Also Have Chest Pain That Wont Go Away For Like The Past Month. I've Had Blood Test Done Which Showed My Sugar Really Low And My Potassium Was High, So I Was Send To An Endocrinologist To Get Tested For Addisons Disease (an Adrenal Gland Disorder) Got More Test Done And Only 1 (renin) Was Abnormal (high) So The Endo Doesnt Know Either! Told Me To Go Back In 2 Months Repeat Blood Tests And See What Happens. She Keeps Telling Me My Symptoms Are So Non Specific-which They Are Because Every Day Something New Or Different Hurts. I Also Have Noticed That My Vision Is Worse Not Necessary Blurry Just Different. I Also Started Having Headaches When I Go Out (even Thought I Am Not In The Direct Sun) With Pain Behind One Eye And On The Side/back Of My Nose. So I Think It Might Have Something To Do With A Migraine Or Maybe Sinus Problems???all I Can Tell You Is Check If Its Not A Sinus Problem Since It Affects The Eyes And Maybe Even The Ears Which Can Cause Inbalance(dizziness) Also Have You Check With An Endocrinologist? It Could Be Something With Your Endocrine System. Before I Started Feeling Bad I Didnt Even Know What Endocrinology Was (well I Still Dont) But I Have Been Doing Some Research Online And Found That Our Endocrine Systems Is Important And Affects Basically Your Whole Body If Something Is Not Working Right. Well I Hope Ive Help Just A Little Bit. Let Me Know How Your Doing, And Most Important Try To Relax Because If You Start Worrying To Can Start Having Anxiety Attacks-i Did Ended Up In The Er Thinking I Was Having A Heart Attack-got Some Xanax And I Was On My Way.
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