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Takemylife...really hoping you'll pop in and say a few words about your take on all this...I have been very intrigued by your other posts and hope you'll have some sort of insight about this prednisone issue and my continued herxing from that single dose of doxy (100mg) on june 25th!!

Either way for now I guess I'm gonna probably take a detox bath...it is now 2 am and my body feels like I am stuck between some magnetic field being pulled both ways! Yikes! :eek:

Maybe have one of your parents go the drug store and pick up a bottle of 5HTP today. This is a "pre" chemical or what is referred to as a precursor to Serotonin. This is the "feel good" chemical that allows you to sleep restfully. In late stage Lyme, your body loses its ability to manufacture it.

Call your doctor today and explain your anxiety level and heightened symptoms from the treatment are keeping your from being able to rest. Would it be possible for him or her to prescribe Xanax. A dose of .5 mg is enough to allow for restful sleep even during herxing. It has a long half life and should last a full 8 hours.

I'm not sure I understand your M.D's methodology for the prednisone. As many stated, it is an immune suppressor. From my point of view, it won't matter if the steroid presents a toxic binding effect if your can't expel the toxins because your pathways are blocked. You need wide open lymph pathways to rid the body of the poison. Right now they are completely clogged. The detox baths need to be taken every single day, religiously to get the pathways open. Then after at least eight weeks, it would seem reasonable to be aggressive with the treatment.
Hmmm interesting. I must admit I am pretty confused about all of this. It seems so frustrating to me that I have to do so much research into all this in order to get well. ...sigh... but what's new...that's the way lymes has been handled for years, even back when I was 13 and fighting this for the first time.

My llmd is very natrual oriented, wanting to avoid narcotics for pain or anti-depressants...rather choosing supplements to aid the bod naturally whenever possibel. He has me on a rigorus amino acid protocaol for non-parkinson neuro issues that has been working really well. I will have to look and ask him about the 5HTP you mentioned...as I know I have high therapy levels of seratonin, norephinerin, and all those other brain hormones that I'm forgetting due to the brain fog. But it's a pre chemical...I am taking Melatonin...does this work in the same way as the 5HTP?

Also about the xanax...that is an ant-deppresant correct? Or am I confused? Because I know for a fact if that's what it is my llmd will not give me any due to the nueorlogical problems I have. He is concerned about an extra stimulation or suprresion, and is really hoping that once my levels of the amino acid protocal level out in the correct theraputic ranges my anxiety/depression will be allievated naturally.

I do appreciate your input on this. I am so confused most times and it makes it harder that my doc is more than a 2 day drive away. But I am just so happy to have a llmd to begin with and not facing a life long diagnosis of MS as I was on the road to gtting. I have been doing the detox baths religiously over the past 2 weeks and have seen some slow progess...I will keep pluggin away though!

Thanks again TML....you are a definite help and resource....I look forward to hearing more from you about this if you find the time. :)
I'm sorry if any of this sounds negative. I know how it feels to establish yourself with a doctor, get your hopes up just to be dissapointed again with new information. I don't want you to doubt your doc.

Xanax is an anti anxiety medication. It is another world from anti depressents. The antidepressents manipulate the seritonin being used by the brain. Most of the newer medications are referred to as 'selective" seratonin stimulators.

The beauty of Xanax is that it acts as a blanket. It gets between you and your nerves. It blocks out the anxious and jittery feelings associated with herxing.

The idea of using wide spectrum aminos to assist in retuning your hormone levels back to normal sounds like an excellent idea. Your body is incapable of breaking down protein into those aminos acids right now- again, great idea. The Xanax will not interfere with his plan however.
Don't worry TML...it's not negative, just another view point. I am all for other views from where I'm at in the beggining of the process and others have the experience of being at different further along steps along the way...so I welcome your and others ideas very much. I appreciate your understanding where I'm at with getting to know my doc and all...you've been there and that helps.

Thanks for clearing up the info about xanax....I will put that on my list of things to bring up to Dr. C when I call him later probably on monday cuz they are out of the offic eoe friday. Sounds like a great thing to have in an aresnal to fight the herxes. :)
TML & Romans,

Don't mean to interfere in the advice and conversation here (as I'm sure TML has much more experience in the Lyme stuff than I do), but I do want to clarify something about Xanax. It is a Benzodiazapine (a special type of anti-anxiety medication). The "prototype" drug in this class is Valium. Other frequently used BZD's include Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan & Restoril.

If the main problem caused by the Herxing is anxiety, I'd agree with TML (at least on the appropriateness of someone prescribing a BZD like Xanax). Xanax may give the quickest relief of the BZD's that could be ordered. Do realize, though, that there can be some side effects from these drugs and that current pysch trends are moving away from using BZD's to using SSRI's (anti-depressants such as Zoloft, Clexa, Prozac, Paxil) for anxiety - or at least weaning folks off BZD's after initial treatment for a few weeks and onto SSRI's. (I don't know how treatment might differ due to Lyme disease or anxiety caused by herxing as opposed to other types of anxiety). Never just stop taking a BZD after taking it for a few weeks - as it can cause a nasty withdrawal without proper tapering off.

Another option, if sleeping (or lack thereof) is the main problem, would be to get a prescription for a medication like Ambien. This is a non-BZD hypnotic used specifically for aid in sleeping (though there are usually some limitations on how long you should use it). It usually works very well, will "put you out", but doesn't give that "hangover" feeling of something like Benedryl. It usually works very quickly and has less serious side effects than BZD. There is also no withdrawal or tapering down necessary. I'd suggest trying 1/2 pill first (esp if you are sensative to medications).

TML - if you have other thoughts on this, or reasons why you'd still suggest a BZD over a non-BZD, please let us know. Like I said, I don't know a lot about how Lyme interferes with all our systems and your suggestion may be better.