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Hi, I have been a lurker hear for a while and I haven't noticed if this has been asked before sorry in advance if it has
I suffer from severe panic attacks just on the highway, I don't know why it just happened one day out of the blue and then they would happen once in a while and now its as soon as I get onto the on ramp they hit. I think it has alot to do with the high speed, they are not as bad at night, but during the day when the sun is shining its impossible for me to drive.
I have tried everything, I am currently taking celexa and it dosent help at all, I also have .25 millagrams of xanax but that is just like taking a sugar pill. I have tried listening to calming music, talking to someone, I even got a back massager for my seat in my car because I noticed my muscles get real tense but that dosen't help either.

Basically what I am trying to get at is has anyone tried hypnotherapy or accupuncture for panic attacks? if so did they work?
thank you so much in advance
the celexa can help a lot but the dose may need upping or occasionally it doesnt work at all for a person and you should swap to another antidepressant med
phobias about freeways are common, some take the backroads, the xanax dose could be upped with docs OK but in some areas they frown on people driving with any xanax at all, be awaer that a larger xanax dose can be very sedating until you get used to it
if oversensitive to glare, dark sunglasses help

what you asked about didnt help me and seldom helps anyone but try it anyhow