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hi guys! thanks for all the feedback and support! (hugs) ok here's the story and it's long so relax and put your feet up..lol

ok I was originally put on zoloft 4 years ago for post partum.it worked great! I was also finally formally dx'd with fibromyalgia :rolleyes: so the doc gave me notriptyline too it helped a bit, but for the first time in 25 years I was serene! 2 years later the zoloft just wasn't doing anything, we increased it and still nothing.so we tried tapering me off and what a horror show! the doc advised me to stay on it cuz he thought it was the depression relapsing-it was the withdrawal!! so I stayed on it cuz I couldn't bear the withdrawal. 2 years after that(now 4 years later) after getting progressively worse with depression and all I decided to start seeing a therapist again. I have suffered from major depression and borderline personality disorder along with PTSD all my life and for years saw a therapist but I hadn't seen one for a long time before starting up again.well, my new therapist advised me to see a psych for meds instead of my primary doc..that was my first mistake! the new Pdoc took me off zoloft and we tried other ssri's to no avail.she also took me off nortriptyline which was at least some kind of pain relief and put me on trazadone for the pain(useless!)I got switched to a different Pdoc and he put me on paxil and seroquel(for sleep and still no pain relief!) a little over a year ago and initially it helped with the panic but it too wore off and now I'm just sleeping all day and I have zero desire for sex-in my teens and early twenties up until zoloft- I was to put it politely, very sexually alive. well I told the Pdoc that I just want to be off ssri's and try other meds he agreed and we started tapering me from 40mg of Paxil and eventually I got to 10mg and that's when the nightmare started! sweating, nausea, migraines, insomnia, rage, anxiety, crying/laughing, mania, confusion...so on.. well I figured that I was probably at a dose that wasn't big enough to regulate serotonin anymore so I just stopped at 10mg and figured that maybe if I just get it out of my system it would speed up withdrawal and didn't take anymore and it has been progressively worse until 2 nights ago(I think) I was crying uncrontrollably, having heart palpitations, and then I had a full blown psychotic episode..hallucinations both visual and auditory and I had a severe panic attack-my husband said that's it! take 20mg and get an appointment with the doc.I yook the damned pill and I was almost euphoric after :eek: but it was that or check into the hospital! well, yesterday I picked up some 5-htp cuz I still really want to be off these useless ssri's and I took 100mg before bed and it has helped a bit in controlling the severe symptoms-someone suggested prozac and I was actually already considering it because I've read that it is a more milder ssri and that the withdrawal is much less severe, and I would really like to get off the ssri's to see if I can in fact live without them.so I am going to ask my doc for it. I also want to get off seroquel and put on either something just for the pain and insomnia.seroquel is an anti psychotic and other than the paxil withdrawal-I have never ever had any psychotic episodes in my life.It really bugs me that they put you on meds that aren't specifically for treating the ailment-like they prescribe xanax for insomnia-why not just a sleeping pill? why always a psychotropic med for everything?? ugh anyway-I just want to treat the symptoms that I do have with the appropriate med for it. in 5+ years of suffering from severe muscular pain and migraines no doc has ever just treated my pain-they always jump to an anti anxiety or something.I'm not anxious I'm in pain! well, sorry it was a novel! but hey, you asked! LOL