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Since de-toxing off of narcotics in early June, and recently Xanax, I have attended a few AA, NA meetings and a PA meeting in my recovery. My sponsor is in AA and assures me that all addicts can relate to the basic concept that AA offers. I wonder if I would be best sticking to a recovery program based on what I am recovering from - pills, not alcohol. This is my recovery and am feeling very confused right now, which I guess is somewhat normal considering I'm actually 'feeling' my stuff now, and not doped up on 8 narcotics (Vicodin/Norco) and 10mg of Xanax a day.

Am I making sense?
Need a bit of some help please, would be very grateful.
Thanks so much.
Hi there.. :wave:
Wow..10 mgs of xanax..thats hardcore detox..plus opiates..
Congrads on getting clean..
You must of suffered insanely..Bless you!!!
Do you like the AA grps?All these grps are of the same-12 step concept..so it doesn't matter really-what matters is that you find a grp/sponsor that you can connect with-go to the differant meetings-see what you feel most comfortable/can relate to-
Im sure you need alot of support now..this board is very helpful-to many..info/support..connecting.
Im here if you need me..
ggrl :angel: