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since 6:30am. I woke took a shower and then it started. I was lightheaded, the left side of my face feels numb and weak, my left arm feels weak and my left leg. I am moveing them fine, hold them in the air fine (yea I look like a moron doing it though), I am freaking out!! My left eye feels weird too, though I looked in the mirror and it all looks fine.

***!!!!!!!!! I am at work, I cannot take my xanax cause it makes me sleepy. I keep thinking I am having a Stroke.

Has anyone else felt like this. I keep telling myself, that this has been going on since 6:30am, that is 3 hours ago, if it were a stroke I would think it would have happened by now. And I have seen someone having a TIA and they couldn't move at all, I can move all limbs.

I think I am loosing it I really do.
I think it is probably anxiety could you take half of a xanax? I would try a xanax or half of one to see if it would go away and if it didnt then id go to my doctor.I get alot of symptoms that mimic heart problems too......ugh such fun
I hope it goes away either way you should tell your doctor about it.
dont be too proud to take the xanax, the usual sedation is cancelled out usually by the panic