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I never thought I had anxiety until my first panic attack which seemed to come out of nowhere. It's easy to associate the problem with the activity you were doing when it first happened. For me it was driving. Don't blame yourself about the injection...you probably would've had a panic attack sooner or later doing something else. It's good that you stopped though...I think guilt makes anxiety worse.

I've had this for a long time, on and off. It happens when I have too much going on that stresses me. I've learned some great deep breathing techniques (you can read books about panic and anxiety that will teach you these) and I have a prescription for Xanax to take if I need to.

As for what you want to call it, disorder or whatever, it's all the same thing. The name doesn't matter, just that you are able to cope and it doesn't interfere too much with your life. The people on these boards are a great support and have great advice.