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Phil - sorry I know what a struggle this can be. It's also scary and the cardioversion is not fun I'm sure. Never had it personally but I've assisted in my ER days and been present many times when it's been done to my dad. They literally stop his heart with medication and then cardiovert him back into a sinus rhythm to test his pacemaker/defibrillator. No fun at all. I've seen the defibrillator fire and literally knock him off his feet. He says it feels like you've been kicked in the chest by a mule.

Okay..enough of that talk. What med's have they tried? It took some time to find the right combination but they have finally gotten it with my dad. I believe he is on Pacerone now - among other things. The last procedure he had done was a stent, so he's taking Plavix to thin the blood. He used to take Coumadin. Also takes a diuretic (Demadex), inhaler, has supplemental oxygen for occasional use, two inhalers, potassium, xanax (which is an addiction - whole different issue), nitroglycerin and a few others I can't remember at the moment.

Take it slow and get your rest. Sounds like you are looking forward to some time with your kids. Man...that is something that is missing from my life big time. I don't have a good relationship with my parents at all - never did - never will I guess. I tolerate them. I actually dread the whole family dynamic over the holidays - YUCK. If it could just be me, my hubby and kids..it would be a-okay with me. Nothing else matters. I know that sounds cold...but you'd have to know the stories and the history.