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my heart skips beats,im always scared iam dyeing,acid reflux after an attack,when i go into the store im thinking im not getting out fast enough or im gonna have to call for medical help cause im always thinking im having a heart attack- my head hurts and i think i have a brain tumor, iget angry,sad and the list goes on and on. i go to my husband and i say talk me threw this am i dyeing he will talk to me and i feel better iam real scared plz help oh and also i can be at work just fine nothing wrong and get dizzy and i will go to the back room and cry and sit curl up in a ball cause iam so scared that im just gonna dye i never want to go any were i just want to stay at hope they put me on xanax but i only take them when i feel an attack should i take them regurky i need help plz iam so scared i dont know what to do anymore :( :confused:
Antidepressants may help you...they help some people with anxiety, but I think just as many aren't helped by them. You won't know until you try. It's possible that you should take Xanax on a regular basis for awhile. What does your doctor say about it? Don't worry about dying...the worst that might happen is you could pass out, but I highly doubt that would happen either. I take only Xanax for my anxiety, but right now I'm not doing too bad, so I only need it once or twice a week. I'd take it every day if I was doing worse though. You could also talk to your doctor about beta-blockers. I took Atenolol and it really helped get rid of my skipped heartbeats and it lowered my anxiety. I notice my anxiety is a lot worse around my period or PMS. I've tried taking hormones, but they made my migraines worse...maybe hormones would work for you. Don't be scared...when you get a panic attack, take deep, slow breaths, evenly, in and out. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Try to distract yourself by doing an activity that takes your mind off your body. Do some exercises. Take Zantac or another antacid for reflux, sometimes it'll help chest pain get better. You're going to be okay...don't worry. You just need to figure out what will help lower your anxiety level. You'll feel better when you can figure out how to cope. I've been where you are and now and I'm much better...so there's hope. Good luck!