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I am on day 10 cold turkey off methadone...I recently got a couple xanax bars for my anxiety and lack of sleep. I know not to depend on it but it is the only thing that make me get through the long hard nights . I am starting to get really worried about using again. Everyone is saying that methadone can not be done. I am basically doing it on my own but with this board I dont think I am. The depression is killing me (i am also kicking a pot habit and the methadone) Smoked pot ever since i was about 14 pretty much everyday. Last time I smoked was on thanksgiving. I feel like i cannot live my life like this. Maybe I should go to na/aa meeting to stay optimistic about not using. It will probbly help but with what i heard some people end up using still, im confused. My brain feels really foggy and I am unable to concentrate on things. I hate how I feel good sometimes and then feel real ******. I believe im through the tough part(just feeling chills,depression, sneezing, and craving ALOT. I have one week of school left till end of semester cant wait! Least that will be over.