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Has anyone been prescribed this type of medication for panic and anxiety. My pdoc prescribed risperdal to me along with zolft and xanax. This was about 3 weeks ago. I was kind of skeptical of the drug so i did not take it, although the doc said it's very effective in relieving anxiety. Last night i really could not sleep and i felt very agitated so i took 2 mg of risperdal. Anyway when i woke up in the AFTERNOON, forget about panic disorder. I felt like a zombie and was extremely depressed like everything was in slow motion. My depression did not subside until the drug was out of my system. Anyway, in talking to another doc for a second opinion, he said these drugs like the antidepressants take many weeks to work. But i dont know. The depression was horrible. Does anyone have any experience with using these type of medications or know anyone who has? Thank you

I haven't posted here before, but saw your question about risperdal. I tried it once, and that was enough; I had the same reaction as you did. I find I can take Xanax, Ativan, not Klonipin (too dopey afterwards), but none of the major tranqs or antipsychotics.
You also might talk to your doc about trying risperdal at a tiny, tiny dose.