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I have been detoxing from xanax for 9 days now and I actually can say that I never have experienced a withdrawal so darn presistent. I would have about 23 hours of hell each day and 1 hour of hope. I did do a 2 week taper before I started, along with making a commitment to go all the way, without a relapse.
I did use some advice from the ashtons manual, which help me out tremendously. This board has led me to this information and to share it with you. Its day 9 and last night I finally slept, for the first time and I feel 30 foot tall and bulletproof. I can't express how hard it was to get this far, but I can tell you that once you get there you will be so happy.( and this is only day 9). I will not loose site, nor will I let it fool me, for I have had to definitely take this one -day -at- a- time.
1. Acupuncture
2. Hot Baths
3. Health board
4. Walking with music
5. vitamins- B Complex, C, Melatonin and eating balanced meals.
6. And a whole lotta willpower

So, if your a benzo user and need hope, this may help you see that it is possible and quit being so afraid, just do it! Use the techniques in the ashtons and what I told you here and you can do it! And dont forget to keep us posted. There are a lot of people here that care and want to see you succeed.

:D I AM THANKFUL for all the people that helped me get this far. Yall kept me going. Keep posting..............David
I have never taken a xanax, I know Xanax is for anxiety but how do people get addicted to it, I don't get the attraction, Just curious. I did take Ativan for a few weeks for stress is this the same type of medication?

Thanks and you are doing so good I am glad your finally feeling better...
Hats off to all of you withdrawing from benzos.

I speak weekly with someone who came off of long term usage, and she says she didn't find true serenity and relief from anxiety until she stopped using xanax. The irony.

Hope to hear you all say the same thing down the road.