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hi sophia. i, too, missed your original post. but know that you and i are the same age, and on the most basic level, experiencing the same thing. i know what it's like to feel like everyone's ahead of you, or on the 'right' schedule and that you're missing what they have. it took me a long time to be comfortable with the idea that i am always behind, somehow. sometimes i toy with the theory that our insides try to match our oustides; i look much younger than i am, so maybe i am living my physical age as opposed to my real age, haha!

funny that you would mention the pms aspect of this whole thing... i spent half the day yesterday looking up pmdd on the internet, because the intensity of the depression i've felt before my period lately renders me incapable of seeing anything in a realistic light. i am going to really try the things that are recommended (except for long-term anti-depressants, which i refuse to take). fish oil, st. john's wort, much more careful diet, increased exercise, and less alcohol were all recommended. and hey, if i have to take a xanax a couple of days a month, so be it! what i'm trying to say is... address that aspect of this as soon as you can, because it can really make a big difference in how you feel.

it overall sounds as though you are stuck in a rut, which can be so hard. at this point, the things i find that work the most to get out of a rut are talking to my friends, and exposing myself to as many people as possible. the more people i have contact with, the better my perspective on life becomes. it just makes me feel a lot less alone when i hear how someone either has gone through the same stuff as me, or maybe did it the opposite way but still had some crazy outcome. know what i'm saying?

i will think good thoughts for you. hang in there.