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I think once people have put themselves in a position of utter humiliation, and the siginifanct other is not giving them the time of day? YEAH, baby, I'm sure it's over. And make no mistake, been there done that! You ARE right. That is how I know. Honey, NO ONE knows how to throw a pity party better than me. I invite Ben and Jerry et all, wine and chocolate, xanax, etc. Don't get me wrong, it takes someone who has been there to say NEVER AGAIN. And let me tell you, NEVER AGAIN, is a lot mor sensible and empowering than saying, "Well, maybe..." Maybe what? He/she gonna call you back and you go for round 2 of what that person put you through? OH H*LL NO! Disagree with me all you want, maybe you are right, but I repeat, H*LL NO!