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As I right this fiance' is in bed waitng for me. I dont want to go in there and lay awake "crazy" trying to stay still for the next 7 hrs. I hve to work tomorrow, Sunday. One positive note, I called my supplier and told him what I was doing and to never call me or come to my house again. He said I was too pathetic to quit and He'd talk to me Monday. I told him to ****** off, and if I saw him I'd hurt him. I felt great after I did it, but literally only for about 10 seconds. I so appreciate the kind and cool nature all of you portray. After my last posting I had to stay in the bathroom because I was crying uncontrollably. This is gonna sound dumb but, I live with my sister and my fiance and I totally cant share anything with them. Ive accepted the situation Ive created and God-willing I will be able to beat this with yalls help. Physicall symptoms at 12:12am are tolerable. I dont know what 12:14-15 will be like. The dam goose bumps are so bad. I feel like someone is constantly telling me bad news. Im going to try and take a shower before I go to bed, but I wanna come back and check this board. I did some searching in my medicine cabinett and realized that sometime in the last year my shrink gave me some klonopin. I think that is like xanax, which I hve seen on here that it helps with wd. At this point, Im sort of turning on myself, I have these constant "this is what you get" thoughts. Anyways, sorry I was rambling. I will be back soon, and I am hurting. Just reading your words makes me feel better, no matter what yall say. I love you all, youll never understand how much this means, but Im winning.