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Hi Everybody! I Found 2 Places Here In My Country Today That Do The Spect Brain Test...since I Take Lezapro, And Antidepressive , And .25 Xanax.. I Was Wondering ... Inone Of The Clinics, They Told Me To Avopid Those Medicines For 24 Hours, I Saw The Machiene, Didnt Look That Sofisticated... And In The Other Clinic, Wich Is Better Well Known, The Test Was More Expensive..the Machine Look More Sofisticated, Also The Test Was More Expensive.. And The Nurse Said I Dint Have To Stop Taking My Medications... Now I Am Confused!! I Read That You Are Not Supose To Take Any Medicine When You Had That Test Done, And In The Clinic That Told Me I Dont Have To Stop Taking My Medicine, The Machine Was Like A Narrow Bed With This Thing On Top With 2 Heads..and The Lady Told Me That That Machine Do Diferent Tests, And The Spect Was A Software That They Run In That Machine.. So I Am Really Confused I Thats The Spect I Am Looking For!! Any Help Will Be Appreciated,wha Is To Expect Yo Be Found In A Spect Test? Does De Chemical The Inyect You, Have Any Adverse Reaccion? Thank You Very Much!