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hi lumpy... tell me abouti...i have been to the point that i dont worry and care anymore of the rapid pulse, have become normal for me... and i take medication for it and doesnt do anything..wet to the cardiologist and says everything if fin, did electrocardiogram, aco, made me exercise for 15 minutes monitoring me..had a holter for 24 hours..my blood pressure use to be 11 with 7, 12 with 8 was the mosts, now i am 13 with 9 notmnally or 13 with 8, he said is not bad.. i just not worry about blood pressure and rapid heartbeats because that made me more anxoius and since the best cardiologis have seen me and told me is nothing wormg.. i guess is the lime or brucella i have.. hope it gets better with treatment.. i was yesterday at the neurologist showing him my spect and felt my pulse and he said i was over a 100, and told him, yes , i know, has become normal in me..at least the cardiologis and many doctor have told me that until 90 is normal, i have 86 when sleeping..and 110-120 during the day... he said thats not too bad... what can i say....have you been check by a cardiologist?? even with xanax i am still over 90... you ar enot alone...
best wishes