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To answer a couple of your questions: Exaustion?...YES!!!!
You gotta figure, when we are fighting an anxiety attack, we go into "fight or flight" mode. I know that I use every bit of my energy to fight the anxiety...AND... when I am in that mode and I take medication ( Klonopin or xanax) once it kicks in, I really feel like I am on speed because all of the sudden all that energy that I was using to fight anxiety is suddenly available for me for other things. For me I get a type of Euphoria, not from the medication per se, but from not having to carry that heavy bag jof anxiety....make sense ? Carrying that bag is exausting. Hope I was able to be of help regarding your first question. As for the inner ear "infection" I get noise in my ear, not quite a ringing but more like white noise. I suppose if I went to a Dr. and explained what I hear, the Dr. would lable it as an inner ear infection. When it(the anxiety) gets really bad I feel light headed and unbalanced. You are the only other person I have heard relating the ears and anxiety. I dont feel so alone in that now - so thanks for that.
Hope I was of some help. Another thing about your ( our) "exaustion" ; May I offer some good reading that helped me, since I dont know your religious attitude, but friends of different relgions were able to get alot out of the book. " Traveling Light" by Maxz Lucado it is based of the 23rd psalm (The Lord is my shepard...) It focuses on the Exaustion of having to carring all those suite cases of anxiety, fears etc, and being able to set down those heavy suitecase and let someone else carry them for you.
I have rambled enough, hope I have helped
Good luck