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Hi all, i am not doing so well. I have an abcess on my impacted wisdom tooth. Not feeling well at all...I went and called the dentist, went in for a quick appointment, and then he handed me TWO scripts. One for Keflex, and one for pain killers....I -without- thinking twice gave BACK the pain killer one and told him i hated the way they made me feel. I told him i was allergic to them and they gave me a bunch of nasty side effects and i had 3 children to ttake care of. WWWOOOOOOOO_HHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOO!
Well in the midst of all of this, my wonderful husband decides to go off of the deep end, not returning my phone calls, screaming and chanting i hate you everytime i called him, i mean seriously acting like a lunatic.
While i was at the dentist, which i had NO money for, he moved all his Red Sox stuff from the living room, somehow grabbed his truck, his coats, shoes, etc. their seemed to be a problem.....he kept saying on the phone, how much he hated me, he was gonna dump my #ss off at home after the appt,, and then move out. All because i got pissed off at him for never giving me the time of day. Not even asking to go with me, acting like i am a burden. Well let me tell you, i've had it!!! He is crazy or on drugs. He called at about 6 at night and acted like he was gonna come home and nothing was wrong. I said, did you move all of your things out???? He sat quiet on the phone, he said i just took a few of my Red Sox things....WHAT??!!?? Everything from our hard-drive(which my son and i hooked up a different one) to your closet has been cleaned out....He hesistated, then said well then i am coming to get the rest of my clothes....
I left with the kids in tow, they don't need to see his drama. I remember needing drama like that when i was using. He goes thru the same crap i did. I am wondering what is going on with him. He get "sick" alot on Sundays lately, ya know, hot and cold, sniffley, tummy ache....hmmmmm sounds alot like some kind of drug abuse to me. I mean how to you go from buying a new wedding band 4 days earlier to moving all your **** out by Wednesday???
The sad thing is his son never even asked for him last night, AT ALL!!! I bet he won't either, he is only 4 but his dad never has time for him, because of his high-stressed job. He is dead in my eyes. I don't care if i have to go back to stripping to make ends meet, i will use my new implants for SOMETHING!!! He left me with no money or acess to money, a abcessed tooth, no gas in my car and a house full of kids, and i am a stay at home mom. ***>>>> Well i didn't use, although that script was 10 mg. percocet! I was so very proud of myself for turning it down, especially since me and him were fighting at that time. He is a drama-queen, and i quite frankly can't stay sober and put up with this insanity. I actually thought about suicide for awhile last night, but after a few hours of staring at my xanax bottle, realized that would only satisfy him.....and the poor, poor kids.
I need money in a bad way, we have no juice of anything. What am i to do?
I also got something in the maill where the IRS has attatched a Levy to his bank account. I believe anything that goes in there will be taken...ie..his paycheck today. I tried calling his cell, to warn him, but i just get kicked to voice mail. I have lost all respect for this man, but do need him financially.
He is never there for me emotionally or physically. When i am sick, he runs. I wish i could run away. He is a coward, and i really believe he is addicted to something. He is either full of energy, running around, or like a zombie on the couch, Not feeling well.
Please give advice and support, i am teetering on the edge here.
I know i could get any pain killer i wanted right now.
That isn't going to solve anything, i know, but it sure would be nice to feel numb!
Sorry i'm not so upbeat today, i appreciate you guys letting me vent. I am sure some of this sounds confusing, so i will try to elaborate more later.
Sounds like addiction to me. xanax withdrawal makes you act that way..prob other drugs too....call some of the social services today and get some help for you and the kids. Let him take care of himself.....