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I started having them at the age of 27. Being the oldest son of 5 boys I was to set the example so I got regular beatings. I couldn't talk until the age of 8 and was in catholic school and the nun's told me that the devil had my tongue and that's why I couldn't talk I was only 6 years old and the nuns would take me up to the convent and pull my pants down and spank me. I would try to tell my parents and they thought I did something wrong to have the nun's spank me so I was spanked again. I learned early not to speak. I am also a perfectionist at what I do At 27 I wound up in the hospital for a week I was married and had 2 kids a girl and a boy. They put me on xanax 1mg 3 x a day. They also had me on norprimine and some other drugs I didn't like so I stopped taking them. I'm 51 now, I'm down to .25 of xanax maybe 3 x a week. Meditation has helped me alot and I taught myself how to breath and relax. I was also afraid to talk to people when young but my wife now say's I talk too much, I tell her I'm making up for lose time. I had symptoms of thiking my throat was closing up, heart attack, things around me moving in slow motion and at times like a freight train running through my body I would shake and sweat. It was only when I worked with a guy I later found out he was a buddhist and taught me how to meditate and I felt this calming affect come over me, started lowing the dose of xanax and here I am now. There was a time I'd forget to bring my xanax and would have a panic attack just thinking I'd have a panic attack. So I'd have to go home and get the xanax and take one to calm down.

Good Luck and Breath deeply,
I was 27 when I had my first panic attack, although I didn't know what it was. I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the ER and they sent me home with a couple of Valium.

I had derealization from time to time and just thought I had an ear infection or something...never connected it with anxiety. I didn't really have another panic attack until after my son was around 3 years old...I was around 33. It happened on the freeway while I was driving us home from a visit to my sister's house. I was so scared and I ended up having to drive so slowly, that a police car started following me. That made it even worse! I got off the freeway, called my husband in hysterics and he told me how I could drive all the way home on side streets (over an hour and a half), so I didn't have to drive over 35 mph.

Ever since then, I've had a phobia of driving on the freeway and I've only done it twice in the past year (I'm now 46)...once successfully and the last time I had a full-blown panic attack. Most of my panic happens while driving. Last year, I had a rough time for about a month, just driving around town. That was very hard for me so I went to the doctor and tried antidepressants again (Paxil). That was horrible and ever since then, I've been fine with just taking Xanax if I feel a panic attack might happen. Usually, when I feel that derealization, it is followed by a panic attack, so I know when I need to take a Xanax if my deep breathing doesn't calm me down.

I don't think I'll ever be free of this problem, but I hope someday they find a cure that doesn't include horrible side effects. I used to love to drive so much, I would love to have that feeling back.
My first panic attack hit from out of the blue. I woke up durning the night hyperventilating. I was 19 and already had two kids. (I have never regretted having them.) I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I wanted to run but I didn't know where to. I wanted someone to talk to me but to be quiet. I was a mess and miserable to be around that night. By the time I was 20 I was on valium. That helped but didn't stop all the anxiety or panic attacks. Then I went into a deep depression and the anxiety and panic attacks never went away. I was put on elavil (a AD used a lot back then.) I'm still on it because the Drs. could never find a new one that worked. About a month ago my Dr. asked me to try lexapro and I think it's going to work, but only for the depression. I take xanax 1 mg four times a day now and I have since it came out on the market. I used to try to explain to friends and family what was wrong with me, but most dindn't understand. My parents were great though. Now i'm getting older every day and the anxiety and panic attacks are aging with me. I don't see them going away ever. I hope everyone has a better time controlling it than I did. Take Care...Connie