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Hi Deb:

It sounds like your visit went well. I think that the fact that Dr. Cameron looks at symptoms in order to make a diagnosis rather than test results is a very positive sign. I think it is wise to start out slowly especially since you have been on steroids. I did a medrol dose pack when they thought I had migraines and I actually felt pretty good on it. I had the energy of a normal person and actually decreased in appetite, but when I came off it was when I really started to go down hill. I also did not have a lot of problems with anxiety until I started to abx and then it got really bad. I stuck it out and used low dose Xanax to get through it. I recently went for two months without any major panic or anxiety and now this last 10 days or so it is back again, but not nearly as bad as before. As we have all noticed it seems to be one step forward, two steps back, three steps forward one step back and so on and so on...

Hope you are on your way to feeling better soon.

hi debill! hope you are good, i dont know if you have read my old posts, but i had severe anxiety and nervousee that i couldnt leave my house !!24-7, i took some sanax 0.25 an hour before having to go to doctors, and still very anxoius... let me tell you, i am in my 12 day of doxy..and took the last xanax on the plain back from ny, took 0.75, because plains made me anxoius and that one was moving like a blender and didit wanted to have a pannick atack and scare my peruvian doctor.. since that day, monday night, havent taken a xanax..yesterday that i was sooo tired! worked in the afternoon!! i am a photographer, i thin i havent mention that before, and yesterday after my trip, went to work for the first time in a month and a half!! and without a xanax! of course a little anxiety but could do my life.. i havent been like this for the last 5 months!!! and today no xanax either..doesnt mean i dont have anxiety or nervouness, but i can controll it enough that i can go out there.. my peruvian doctor said might be that doxy is working, also today less pain on legs... yesterday was bad, but because i walk like a runner while in ny, so wanted to see how i feel today to see any changes and have to say less muscle and jpint pain, only lot of pain in the neck, which i think was also from the bad posture i fall asleep on the plane with all that xanax..just have the temors and hearbeats...maybe once you star treatment you will feel a little better, i feel less anxiety with doxy..but tomorrow will start a new one, eithere amoxixilyn or zitromax, not sure yet..have you tried xanax??????? for me works wonder!!!i have taken in some diferent periods of my time and for me, not adictive, i have taken in the last 3 mont 0.5 and 0.25 because i dont like to take it that much.. and in the last 2 days nothing..i really recomend you to try it, for me is the best! my father also takes it for years and make wonder for him, hi is maniac depresive and he couldnt have made it with out xanax..good luck!!
Thanks brid...I take clonazapam. It's almost the same thing as xanax. I haven't had to take it in a few weeks since I take Paxil for depression/anxiety.

I am glad to hear you are feeling better today. Hopefully you will have many more days of improvement.

You are so brave for traveling so far to see a doctor. I don't think I could get on a plane. I would be the person they escort off of the plane. I have never flown before and I am to scared to try it. Maybe some day when I get better I will fly to a tropical island with my husband for a well deserved vacation.

Hope your even better tommorow...deb
hi debill! i took clonazepan too for a week but i like xanax better..and that bothers me because here xanax cost 3 times more of clonazepam, but a lot of people here take clonazepam and love it..i also thoght i couldnt be on the plane, specially since i have always hated planes and have had many pannic attacks of plains, i was extremely conern this time, beause i was more anxious than ever and specially since i didnt want to freak out the doctor, but somehow, i felt this power and behave very good!!! and the plane was like a blender the 7 hours and a half!!!! thanks god my xanax helped me...i wouldnt have made it without it, believe me! plus being with the doctor made me feel somehow safer..when i feel better, my dream will be to be at the beach, like all times,just in any beach... laying down with my book... thats a dream for me!!!!
let me know if you started doctor cameron treatment and how are you feeling