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you are soo funny maureen!! yes! we are all kicking bacterias butt out!!! debill, i think doxy is working on me, my brain feels better, anxiety has decrease, no xanax in theblast 3 days... but my stomach has starting to hurt and develop something under my lio today, went to the doctor today , he thinks is yeast infeccion from the antibiotic, but is only under my lip, heartbeats are the same..less joint pain in my legs,but i have some brown marsk in my legs and arm, on in the right side of the stomach like if i was hit by something...henorder blood thest to see my coagulation, and more blood count and liver enzymes for tomorrow.. he might lower the dose of doxy to 200 for a little while..he said he have check in some official book and 200 mg works too, he doesnt want to destroy my stomach specially since doxy seems that is working... he also told me i look different that before, i look like if i have more energy, etc.. do you guys think will be a big difference going back to 200 doxy a day??
y the way, tomorrow morning i will give an interview for this tv channel about my case with lyme